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DENT KING Arizona 

Mobile Paintless Dent Removal & Detailing  

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DENT KING ARIZONA The Fine Art of Paintless Dent Removal

The PDR (paintless dent removal) system of repair has it origins dating back more than 80 years, when car makers such as Porsche, Ferrari and Bentley devised this form of repair. At the Mercedes Benz factory workers started with using a tablespoon and would place their thumb in the spoon to remove and push dents out in the open area on the car panel . PDR has come light years since that time, with all different types of state of the art picks and rods made of steel, aluminum and other types of metals.



When the manufacturers noticed dents during assembly they would use steel rods and special lighting to massage away the imperfections. For many years this remained their secret. These days you can enjoy this unique way of removing dents outside the factory that made your car. In fact, your car may already have had this treatment without you ever knowing!
In reality there are now many technicians carrying out this type of repair throughout the world. Around 1980, paintless dent removal worked its way to the USA